STM-980 Coolant For Glass Grinding, Blue (55 Gallon Drum)

Item #STM980-D

SALEM'S new generation of STM coolants are formulated for centrifuge and soft settling system requirements and for systems requiring flocculation or coagulation. In addition to cooling, our new coolants also lubricate, inhibit rust and bacterial growth, control foam, settle debris and clean particulate form the work surface and coolant tanks.
STM980 is a SALEM exclusive synthetic coolant that features a proprietary lubricant and flocculant formulation to optimize the glass grinding process. The advanced lubricity yields optimal grinding performance in the most demanding production applications by promoting high stock removal rates and producing excellent surface finishes. The flocculant package manages the swarf to eliminate diamond wheel glazing, clogged coolant lines and to ensure soft settling. This comprehensively formulated coolant also exhibits low foaming as well as a biocide to minimize odor created by bacterial growth and is stable throughout a broad range of water conditions (hard to soft).