Settling Aide Flocculant 1 Gallon Jug


In glass grinding applications, the presence of glass particles suspended in the coolant reduces the overall grinding efficiency, diamond wheel performance and both diamond wheel and coolant life. Flocculants are chemical compounds used to settle suspended glass particulate, and other solids, to ensure the optimal performance of both the coolant and the diamond wheels. The interaction of the flocculant and coolant maximizes the overall grinding performance in the most demanding production applications by promoting high stock removal rates and grinding speeds while producing excellent surface finishes.
STM SETTLE-19 is a high molecular weight flocculant that is highly effective in the flocculant of many types of total suspended solids (TSS) in liquid coolant systems, including glass, and is ideal for Chemwest particle removal systems. STM SETTLE-19 is concentrated and requires a high dilution of 500:1 (.02%) before being added to the solids separation system. This flocculant has a very mild pH, which will eliminate the acid-caused corrosion on ferrous metal and aluminum found with the use of many coagulates additives (i.e. Poly-aluminum Chloride-PAC).